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Roll Call of Champions

Super Poll Date  Champion(s) Entrants
Super Poll I Jan. 26, 1992 Joe Engler
Eric Lindenschmidt
Super Poll II Jan. 31, 1993 Joe Engler n/a
Super Poll III Jan. 30, 1994 Adam Bernick 12
Super Poll IV Jan. 29, 1995 Adam Bernick 8
Super Poll V Jan. 28, 1996 Vickie Engler 5
Super Poll VI Jan. 26, 1997 Rich Bernick n/a
Super Poll VII Jan. 25, 1998 Vickie Engler 10
Super Poll VIII Jan. 31, 1999 Charlie Engler 9
Super Poll IX Jan. 30, 2000 Joe Engler 6
Super Poll X Jan. 29, 2001 Bulldog Milenko 7
Super Poll XI Feb. 3, 2002 Howard Ellis 13
Super Poll XII Jan. 26, 2003 Rich Bernick 17
Super Poll XIII Feb. 1, 2004 Doug DeMoss 24
Super Poll XIV Feb. 6, 2005 Margaret Bernick 25
Super Poll XV Feb. 5, 2006 Dan Engler 32
Super Poll XVI Feb. 4, 2007 Joe Engler 19
Super Poll XVII Feb. 3, 2008 Bill Behrens 32
Super Poll XVIII Feb. 1, 2009 Ratch 22
Super Poll XIX Feb. 7, 2010 Bulldog Milenko 22
Super Poll XX Feb. 6, 2011 Jeremy Fritz 26
Super Poll XXI Feb. 5, 2012 Katelyn Powers 21
Super Poll XXII Feb. 3, 2013 Charles Engler 26
Super Poll XXIII Feb. 2, 2014 Bulldog Mileno 40

Engler Family Division Champions

SP Champion(s) Entrants
Super Poll XIV Margaret Bernick 9
Super Poll XV Dan Engler 10
Super Poll XVI Joe Engler 9
Super Poll XVII Doug DeMoss 19
Super Poll XVIII Melissa Engler 11
Super Poll XIX Bulldog Milenko 16
Super Poll XX Doug DeMoss 15
Super Poll XXI Charles Engler 10
Super Poll XXII Charles Engler 17
Super Poll XXIII Bulldog Milenko 15

Engler Family Division Championships won

Champion Titles won
Joe Engler 4 (92,93,00,07)
Bulldog Milenko 3 (01,10,14)
Doug DeMoss 3 (04,08,11)
Charlie Engler 3 (99,12,13)
Adam Bernick 2 (94,95)
Rich Bernick 2 (97,03)
Vickie Engler 2 (96,98)
Margaret Bernick 1 (05)
Howard Ellis 1 (02)
Dan Engler 1 (06)
Melissa Engler 1 (09)
Eric Lindenschmidt 1 (92)



The Super Poll began in 1992, when a young kid, Dan Engler, had a dream. For years, Engler's parents, Charles & Vickie had hosted a Super Bowl Party...a good time was had by all. However, the 14-year-old youngster dreamed of ways to make the event even more entertaining.

He remembered Mr. Virgin's NCAA Basketball Tournament Pools in which he had participated. Maybe he could do something like that for the Super Bowl, as well. But there were only two teams, not 64. There would have to be more questions than just 'who won?'.

So young Dan had everyone guess the following questions: Winner, Half-time Score, Final Score, Total Points, MVP, 1st to Score, 1st to score TD, 1st to score FG, 1st to be penalized, and the Winner of Bud Bowl 4. Though the final scores from the first Super Poll have been lost to time, the rest is history.

The Super Poll in Today's World

People from across the world have participated in the Super Poll. Fourteen countries are in negotiations to have their own version of the Super Poll in the coming years.

No one has ever won the Super Poll three times in a row. Joe holds the record with four Super Poll wins. Adam won the third and fourth, but hasn't won since. Rich and Vickie have both won twice, as well. Having won once is Bulldog, Charlie, Doug, Howard, and Margaret.

Future Dates

Name Date 
Super Poll XXIV Feb. 1, 2015
Super Poll XXV Feb. 7, 2016
Super Poll XXVI Feb. 5, 2017
Super Poll XXVII Feb. 4, 2018